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Year 5 Term 2 i KS2 spelling resources - Consonant spelling patterns - 'c'

This pack looks at the different sounds that 'c' can make, and ways to formulate rules to remember spellings. It contains a mix of interactive whiteboard files, word cards, wordsearches and worksheets.INTERACTIVE WHITEBOARD FILES (POWERPOINT)

  • Recap - adding ing and ful: Recaps the work covered in Y2 and Y3 on suffixes; adding ing and ful, with a Quickwrite activity for both suffixes.
  • Introduction to the consonant 'c': Introduces the hard and soft sounds that 'c' can make, and gives examples of other words where the 'c' makes a sh and x sound.
  • Rule 1 - 'c' - hard sound: Looks at words containing ca, co and cu, and words containing ca, co and cu preceded by an 's'. It encourages children to think of rules.
  • Rule 2 - 'c' - soft sound: Looks at words containing ce and ci, and words containing ce and ci preceded by an 's'. It encourages children to think of rules.
  • Rule 2 - 'cy' words: Looks at words containing cy, encouraging children to think of rules that apply.
  • Rule 3 - 'c' - sh sound: Words ending in 'cian', 'cial, and 'cious'.
  • 'cc' words: Explores words containing double 'c', and if the same rules still apply.
  • Reading practice - 'ence' 'ance' and 'ice': Word list where 'c' has a soft sound.

WORD CARDS: These can be used in word games, or as a way for the children to discover different sets of words. There are 9 cards per A4 page, to be printed and laminated.

  • 'ca' words
  • 'cc' words
  • 'ce' words
  • 'cei' and 'cie' cards
  • 'ch' word cards
  • 'ci' words
  • 'co' words
  • 'cu' words
  • 'cy' words
  • title cards


  • 'ce' words
  • 'ci' words
  • 'cian' and 'cious' words
  • 'cie' and 'cei' words
  • 'cy' words

BINGO: Each game contains a relevant wordlist - the children have to pick 12 words and write them onto their bingo cards.

  • Bingo - ca
  • Bingo - ce
  • Bingo - ci
  • Bingo - co
  • Bingo - cu
  • Bingo - cy


  • Rules for spelling words containing 'c': A place for the children to record what they have learnt.

Sentences with words containing 'c': To dictate for the children to spell.
Year 5 term 2i word list: A comprehensive list of words, organised into different spelling patterns.
Planning Y5 Term 2i (in Word): A plan of the unit, showing where each resources fits into the unit.

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