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Year 1 PLANTS KS1 Science topic - New Primary Curriculum 2014

This set of resources includes planning, worksheets, display, and IWB lesson activities. It will help teach children to:

  •  identify and name a variety of common wild and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees
  •  identify and describe the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants, including trees.


  • A plan that includes lesson objectives, activities and ideas; web links; related books; and cross curricular ideas for the topic.


  • Introduction to Plants: A topic introduction, looking at what plants are and where they are found.
  • Plants in the garden: Identifies common wild and garden plants, with interesting facts about them.
  • Looking closely at plants: Some close up pictures of parts of different types of common plants; their leaves, leaf, roots and flowers.
  • Trees and Seasons: A quick look at deciduous trees and how they change throughout the year.
  • Deciduous and Evergreen Trees: Explains the difference between them, and identifies different types of tree, their leaves and their seeds.
  • Plants as food: A look at some fruit and vegetables that are grown to eat.
  • Parts of a plant: A detailed look at the different parts of plants (including trees)


  • Plants introduction: A sheet to write down 'What I know' and 'What I want to find out'.
  • Plant spotter sheet: For recording plants found outside.
  • Tree spotter sheet: For recording leaves from different trees.
  • Label the parts of the tree: Two different versions, one to cut and stick, the other to write the labels.
  • Label the parts of the plant: Two different versions, one to cut and stick, the other to write the labels.
  • Parts of a plant description: Sheet for writing a description of a flower, stem, leaves and roots.
  • Parts of a tree description: Sheet for writing a description of leaves, branches, trunk and roots.
  • Cards - garden and wild plants: Labelled pictures of 27 different plants Can be printed as reference sheets, or cut out and used for card games.
  • Cards - Labelling garden and wild plants: Common plants to match pictures and labels.
  • Plant booklet front covers: A variety of A4 sheets in different designs to use as a topic front cover.
  • Writing sheets: Lined A4 sheets with autumn leaves and flowers borders.


  • A-Z lettering: All letters of the alphabet, upper and lower, plus numbers and punctuation with a green / flower background.
  • Banner: With text 'Plants'. Prints onto 2 A4 sheets
  • Growing plants heading: On A4
  • Plant display: 12 pictures of common plants. Also includes headings.
  • Tree display: 7 A4 sheets showing different types of common trees.
  • Vocabulary: 15 words with illustrations to help children learn topic vocabulary.
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