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THE VIKINGS - KS2 History topic - IWB teaching resources

Interactive whiteboard  resources for teaching about Viking invaders - includes Sagas, monks, archaeology, treasures, rune stones, longships, warriors, raids, daily life, famous Vikings, gods, and the Battle of Stamford Bridge.


  • ANGLO SAXON AND VIKINGS INTRODUCTION: Introduction to the topic, with mind map, and overview of when, why and how the Vikings came to Britain.
  • EVIDENCE OF VIKINGS:  An explanation of all the evidence - place names, words, Sagas, the monks, surnames, archaeology, treasure discoveries,and rune stones.
  • HOW DID THE VIKINGS TRAVEL:  Descriptions of Viking longships, and how far they could travel.
  • VIKING WARRIORS: Looks at how the Viking warriors dressed, what armour they used, where and why they raided.
  • VIKING RAIDS ON BRITAIN: Description of the first major Viking attack on Lindisfarne, explanation of why the Vikings targeted monasteries, and what evidence exists that they did so
  • VIKING DAILY LIFE: How the Vikings lived - clothes, homes, family life, food, law, pastimes, and misconceptions.
  • FAMOUS VIKINGS:Brief descriptions of famous Vikings; Bagsecg, Guthrum, Eric the Red, Leif Ericson, Thorfinn Sigursdsson, and Cnut.
  • VIKING BELIEFS: How we know about Viking beliefs; Viking gods, Odin, Thor, Freya, Frey, and Loki; Viking Burials.
  • WHAT HAPPENED TO THE VIKINGS?  Describes: King Alfred the Great; the Danelaw; Battle of Stamford Bridge; Battle of Hastings; End of the Viking era
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