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THE ROMANS / ROMAN EMPIRE Display pack KS2 History

A set of resources in pdf format for you to print and display in class. The pack consists of:

4 Different A4 titles: The Roman Empire & its impact on Britain / The Romans / The Roman invasion of Britain /  The Roman Empire

A-Z lettering: with blue 'Roman temple' background

Banner x 2: With lettering 'The Roman Empire and its impact on Britain' and 'The Roman Empire'

Border: Strips of border decorated with a Roman soldier for display borders,plus corners with 'SPQR'.

Famous Romans posters (x 4): A heading plus one A4 sheet for each of the following; Julius Caesar, Emperor Claudius, Emperor Hadrian and Romulus (& Remus), with information about each person.

Maps of Roman Britain posters (x 4): A heading, plus an old 4th century map of what Britain was thought to be like; A map of Iron Age tribes in Britain, a map of mining in Roman Britain and a map of Roman Britain in around AD 150

Roman artefacts posters (x 10; 2 on each A4 page): Heading, plus images of a Roman jug, an oil lamp, samian ware, aurus of Nero, a fresco, glassware, a mosaic, a military diploma, writing implements and copper and lead ingots.

Roman Emperor posters (x 5): A4 heading, plus images of the first five Roman Emperors; Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Nero.Clausius

Roman god posters (x 8): A4 heading plus the gods / goddesses Saturn, Jupiter, Juno, Janus, Neptune, Minerva, Mars and Vulcan.

Photo pack of Roman sites in Britain: A heading plus an A4 page for each of the following; Bath, Hadrian's Wall, Richborough Fort, Great Witcombe Roman villa, Vindolanda, Venta Silurem, Anderitum, London Wall and Viroconium. Each photograph contains a map of the UK showing the location of each site.

The Roman Army posters (x 8): Heading plus images of a legionary with his equipment and armour labelled, an aquilifer, archer, ballista, catapult, centurio, cavalry, cassis, cuirass, tunic, boot, scutum, pilum, standard and gladius.

Timeline of the Roman Empire: An A4 sheet, showing the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from 750 BC to AD 500

Vocabulary display of the Roman Empire: Contains 2 words per A4 page, with an image and definition of the following words; Senate, legionary, republic, emperor, empire, civilization, citizen, Mediterranean, barbarian, archaeologist, military, plebeian, tribe, artefact, century, hostage, BC and AD.

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