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A set of resources for the new history curriculum 2014


  • THE ROMAN EMPIRE INTRODUCTION: Introduces the topic by putting the era in context with the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age in Britain, on a timeline. It includes an explanation of how Rome was founded, where it is, and how it changed from a kingdom to a republic and then an empire.
  • JULIUS CAESAR: Explains who Julius Caesar was and the attempted invasions in 55 and 54BC.
  • THE ROMAN EMPIRE BY AD 42: Begins by discussing the assassination of Julius Caesar and the formation of the Roman Empire. Looks at the first Emperor, Augustus, mentions Tiberius and Caligula, then talks about Claudius and how he gained power. Then looks at the Roman way of life in the Empire, how powerful it was and what area it covered.
  • THE ROMAN ARMY: Investigates how the Roman Army was made up; of centuria, cohorts and legions; and auxiliary soldiers.Looks at how they were trained, what types of jobs they did, and why nobody could beat them in battle.
  • THE ROMAN INVASION OF BRITAIN: A detailed account of the invasion by Claudius in AD 43, British resistance by Boudicca and Caractacus, Hadrian's Wall, and the end of Roman rule.
  • THE ROMANISATION OF BRITAIN: Looks at how the Romans build civitas, or towns for different tribes in Britain, looking briefly at Caerwent. Explains and gives examples of Roman technology, culture and beliefs and what lasting impacts they have had.
  • TIMELINE OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE: A 1 page timeline, can be printed or viewed as an animated show.
  • TRIBES CONQUERED BY THE ROMANS: A 4 page presentation, detailing how the Romans conquered each tribe in Britain. Can be printed or viewed as a show.


  • Roman Empire topic covers x 4
  • What I already know / would like to find out about the Roman Empire
  • Worksheet - Romulus and Remus
  • Writing sheets - Julius Caesar (lined and unlined)
  • Blank map of Europe
  • Worksheet - living in the Roman Empire in AD 42
  • Design a Roman scutum
  • Worksheet - weapons of a Roman soldier
  • Pictures of Roman soldiers in black and white
  • Writing sheets - The Roman Army (lined and unlined)
  • Map of tribes in Britain
  • Tribes in the local area
  • Worksheet - Living in Britain in the Iron Age
  • Writing sheet - Boudicca
  • Report writing sheet - Roman settlements in the local area


De Bello Gallico - Accounts written by Julius Caesar of his first and second visits to Britain

Roman Empire Planning - An adaptable outline medium term plan in Word

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