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SPACE KS1 / KS2 topic IWB teaching resources
KS1 KS2 Space topic - IWB teaching resources

A set of 8 PowerPoint resources, on different aspects of space exploration, the sun, moon, and planets; suitable for teaching Y2 - Y6 classes.


  • PLANET EARTH - Answers to the following questions: How old is Earth? / How big is Earth? / What is Earth made of? / How much water is on Earth? / Does the Earth spin? / Why can we not feel the Earth move? / How hot is Earth? / Does Earth have an atmosphere? / Where is Earth? (demonstrates with pictures our position in the Solar System / Milky Way / Universe)  
  • THE SUN - Answers the following questions - What is the sun? / How did the sun form? / What size is the sun? / Does the sun move around the Earth or does the Earth move around the sun? / What is the sun made of? It also describes a solar eclipse, sun spots, and the sun's core.

  • THE MOON - Answers the following questions - What size is the moon? / How far away is the moon? / How does the moon stay in the sky? / How long does it take the moon to orbit the Earth? / Do we see different sides of the moon? / Is it cold on the moon? / Is the moon a source of light? / Why does the moon seem to change shape? / What is it like on the moon? / How many people have walked on the moon? It also looks at gravity, the moon, and the sea.
  • PLANET FACT FILE - Looks at the 8 planets in the solar system and how they are studied. It explains the relative sizes of each planet, and compares them to the size of the sun. The planets each have their own page, with information such as: What is it like? What is it named after? Has it been visited by spacecraft? Can we see it? It contains a mnemonic to remember the order of the planets. It ends with a series of questions to see what the children have remembered.
  • THE SPACE RACE - A 14 page PowerPoint that looks at the main events that happened in the Space Race.    
  • NEIL ARMSTRONG AND THE MOON LANDING - A biography of the life of Neil Armstrong, and how he became an astronaut, and the first man to walk on the moon. It describes the Apollo 11 mission, and the famous journey to the moon.    
  • SPACE STATIONS -  Describes the first space stations launched by Russia, and explains what a space station is. Talks about the International Space Station; how it is assembled, and what happens on it.  
  • THE LIFE OF AN ASTRONAUT -  A description of what life is like for an astronaut -  Training / Work that astronauts do / Living on the  International Space Station / Expeditions / Gravity in space / Weightlessness / Space food / Sleeping / Daily routines on the ISS / Clothing / Activities.
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