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Letters and Sounds Phase 1 Printable games and activities

This pack contains lots of printable games and activities to use in each aspect of Phase 1.



Big Ears

4 different types of big ears - Mouse ears / big ears / pointy ears / 5 different coloured ears. Ideal to attach to a headband for listening walks

What can you hear in the classroom?
12 cards with pictures of different things that you might hear in the classroom.

What can you hear outside?
12 cards with pictures of different things that you might hear outside

Mrs Browning's Box
A picture of the front of a box, with a face to stick on the front of a box.

Describe and find it
Four sets of 12 pictures to use in the game describe and find it - farm animals, insects, jungle animals and transport.

Favourite sounds / Describe and find it
Four different sets:
Wild animals: 12 pictures of different wild animals.
Transport: 12 pictures of different types of transport.
Nature: 8 pictures of sounds in nature.
Instruments: 12 pictures of familiar instruments.


Which instrument?

Pictures of 10 different instruments for the children to use to identify and match which instrument is being played. Includes maracas, castanets, triangle, bell, cow bell, cymbals, xylopohone, bells, drum and tambourine.

Instrument sound lotto: To play with the sounds of the instruments being played.

Adjust the volume

Quiet and loud picture cards.

Grandmother's footsteps

2 different grandmother masks to use in the game.


Noisy Neighbours 1

A set of 16 pictures representing sounds that people make.

Noisy Neighbours 2

A set of 12 pictures of different settings, asking if it is time to be noisy or quiet.



Our favourite rhymes

12 cards showing pictures of popular rhymes and songs for the children to select.

Rhyming soup

A game with 6 bowls of soup, each with a different picture. The children have to select the objects (4 for each string) that rhyme with the picture on their soup.

Rhyming pairs: Pairs of objects that rhyme - man / fan, cat / hat, fox/socks, brick / chick, cake / rake, zip / ship, car / star, pie / fly, dice / mice, bell / shell, log / frog, bear / chair, bee / tree, hen / pen, coat / boat, book / hook, snail / nail, spoon / moon, pool / stool, rug / jug.

Playing with words

A set of 16 picture cards showing familiar objects with varying syllable patterns.

Rhyming puppets

10 puppets to print for role play.

Odd one out

9 sets of pictures, each with two rhyming objects, and one that does not rhyme. 


Digging for treasure / Tony the Train / Musical corners / Our sound box / bag / Silly soup

Alphabet cards: 11 picture cards representing objects for the initial letter sounds a, b, c, d, f, h, j, l, m, p, r, s, t; and 5 pictures for n and w. There are over 150 individual cards - ideal for playing all the above games.

Making Aliens

10 different pictures of aliens, split into head, body and feet, for the children to mix and match to produce their own alien to name.

Bertha the Bus

Pictures of animals beginning with b / c / f / g / h / l / m / p / r / s / t, with a large bus picture to play the game.

Ben at the Baths: A large picture of Ben at the baths, with objects beginning with b that he can see.

Hannah takes a Hike: A large picture of Hannah taking a hike, with objects beginning with h that she can see.

Poppy at the Park: A picture of Poppy at the park, and objects beginning with p that she can see.

Silly Soup

A silly soup pan picture to stick on the front of a box or bag.


Voice sounds: 38 different pictures representing different kinds of sounds that can be made with the voice.

Metal Mike: An A4 robot with a slot, to stick on the front of a box to post pictures through. (Can be used with the alphabet cards from Aspect 5).

Animal masks: 9 different animal masks for role play activities.


Toy Talk - Sets of cards to use in blending and segmenting activities. All items have names of only single syllables. (over 70 individual cards)

Sound talk - animals

Sound talk - food

Sound talk - outdoors

Sound talk - toys

Sound talk - at home

I spy objects: 24 cards containing objects with names containing two or three phonemes. 

All files are in pdf format, for you to print out.
The pack is 18Mb, so may take a while to download.

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