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INVESTIGATING COASTS - KS2 Geography topic - IWB teaching resources
KS2 Coasts

A pack of powerpoint activities and worksheets to use when teaching about coasts in KS2.

INTRODUCING COASTS: Introduction to what coasts are; erosion and deposition, and investigating different coastal localities around the UK.
COASTAL EROSION: Looks at different physical features caused by wave erosion - arches, caves and coastal stacks, and demonstrates the process of erosion by animated diagrams of how each feature is formed. It also briefly explains how different rock types erode at different rates, and shows a map of the UK, with the main types of rock found in each area. It ends with a series of photographs for the children to look at and identify coastal features.
COASTAL DEPOSITION: Investigates the process of longshore drift, with an animated example, and explains the difference between sand and shingle beaches.
INVESTIGATING COASTAL ENVIRONMENTS: Gives the children the task of writing a piece about a different coastal location for a holiday brochure.
MANAGING THE COASTLINE: Explores how coastal erosion affects humans, and the reasons why we need to protect the coast from erosion. It explains how we protect the coast by building groynes, sea walls, armour, artificial harbours, or how we can just do nothing - giving the advantages and disadvantages of each method of protection.
COASTAL DEVELOPMENT: Gives the children the task of being a local resident, a sea angler, a travel company representative, a holidaymaker, or a local government official, and deciding whether a hotel should be built in an unspoilt area of coastline.

LABEL COASTAL AREAS ON UK MAP: A blank UK map for the children to identify coastal areas that they know.
COASTAL EROSION: 2 pictures of coastal erosion for children to name features and describe the formation
WORLD AND UK MAP: To locate coastal areas in the world that they have visited
BROCHURE TEMPLATES: 10 different blank layouts for the children to fill in for the holiday brochure.
COASTAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP WORKSHEETS: Recording sheets when the children split into different groups to decide on whether a hotel should be built.

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