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Homophones and other words that are often confused Y5/6

Resources to teach the guidelines for spelling homophones and other words that are often confused.


Each Powerpoint gives definitions/explanations of each homophone, then ends with an activity for the children to work out which homophone is appropriate in different sentences.

  1. Homophones - nouns and verbs: advice advise, device devise, licence license and practice practise.
  2. Homophones 1: aisle isle, aloud allowed, affect effect, altar alter, ascent assent, bridal, bridle, cereal serial, complement compliment
  3. Homophones 2: descent dissent, desert dessert, draft draught, farther father, guessed guest, heard herd, led, lead morning, mourning
  4. Homophones 3: past passed, precede proceed, principal principle, profit prophet, stationary stationery, steal steel, wary weary, who's whose


  • Look Write Cover Check x 7: For spelling practice, containing the words in the above PowerPoints
  • Worksheets x 7: To write definitions of the homophones and think of ways to remember how to spell them.
  • Definition and word cards x 3: Three sets of homophones and corresponding definitions for matching games etc.


  • Word list
  • Adaptable outline plan
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