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ANCIENT EGYPT / EGYPTIANS display resources - heading, word mat & posters - KS2 History topic

Ancient Egypt display resources - including Egyptian gods, information sheets, lettering, titles, heading, word mat and vocabulary.

  • Ancient Egypt heading - an A4 printable sheet with the title 'Ancient Egypt'
  • Ancient Egyptians heading - an A4 printable sheet with the title 'Ancient Egyptians'
  • Ancient Egypt lettering - this can be printed and used as a banner, or the letters can be cut out. It has a pyramid background.
  • Ancient Egypt A-Z lettering - All the letters of the alphabet, plus numbers and punctuation, to make your own wording. It has a hieroglypic background.
  • Ancient Egypt / Ancient Egyptians banner - prints onto 3 A4 sheets. (2 versions)
  • Ancient Egyptian border - to print out to frame your display.
  • Ancient Egypt word mat -  with important vocabulary, to help the children with spellings
  • Egyptian gods - 13 Egyptian gods, with an A4 header: Osiris, Ra, Sekhmet, Isis, Seth, Horus, Thoth, Hathor, Ma'at, Nut and Geb, Amun, Bastet,and Anubis
  • Ancient Egyptian objects - 10 A4 posters, showing photographs of different objects - a shabti, mirror, comb, head rest, alabastron, kohl tube, senet game, jewellery, canopic jars, and amulets. Each object has a short description. It also includes a heading.
  • Ancient Egypt features - 8 A4 posters, looking at the geography and buildings of ancient Egypt - includes maps, photographs of sphinx, pyramids, different types of land, temples, Valley of the Kings, obelisks, and the River Nile. There is an explanation with each photograph.
  • Ancient Egypt vocabulary - 6 pages with 12 labelled Ancient Egyptian objects / artefacts. Includes: 

Desert Sphinx Scarab beetle Papyrus
Pyramid Mummy Hieroglyphics Amulet
Canopic jar Pharaoh Nile river Egypt
The files are all in pdf format. For software advice and support - please see FAQ link at the top of the page
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